Privacy Policy

We, Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting the private data in order for us to manufacture, market and sell our products. We take responsibility to handle the collected data and will strive to ensure fulfillment.

Laws and Regulations, Compliance with Code of Conduct

We will comply with the guidelines and other norms stipulated by the government as to privacy policy.

Acquisition , use and provision of personal information

We will gather personal information in order to process the orders.
To obtain the appropriate personal information , we will reveal the purpose of use at the time of acquisition.

Also without handling beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use , it will take measures to prevent the use of outside purpose.
Without the consent of the individual, we do not disclose or provide to a third party.

  • a)If based on the laws and regulations
  • b) human life , even if it is necessary for the protection of health or property, when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  • c) public health , when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  • d) a national agency or local government or a person to whom the commission is required to cooperate with it to carry out the office to the provisions of the laws and regulations , the performance of the office by obtaining the consent of the person when there is likely to inhibit

Safety measures for personal information

We will implement the necessary and appropriate security measures if personal information is damaged or lost.

Complaints and consultation about personal information

For complaints and consultation regarding the handling of personal information , we will respond appropriately and quickly at [ Inquiries regarding personal information ] of the following.

Continuous improvement of the protection of personal information management system

We are , provisions for appropriate personal information protection , the rule , established a code of conduct , and operate a management system for the protection of personal information .
Also by performing regular check and audit and review whether the management system is not properly implemented , we will improve continuously.

This policy , together with to disseminate to all employees , will be announced on our website.

Established : June 20, 2011
Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten Co., Ltd. President Toshihiro Kishimoto