About Payment and Shipping

We will ship your order to within Japan and overseas.
Please order based on your needs.

About Payment

Credit Card payment and bank wire
Please use credit card payment if your order is placed from overseas.

*The payment is in Japanese Yen.
*Will not charge sales tax if order is from overseas.
*Will add handling fee of JPY2000 or more for overseas orders.
*Recipient will be responsible for customs and duties in overseas.
*Please contact us if your order is a gift.

Credit Card Payment

Will send you credit card payment URL upon completion of quotation.
We accept the following credit cards.

【Bank Wire】

Please make wire to the following bank.
■Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank
Bank Account:三井住友銀行 塚口支店 普通 4543608
Account Name:株式会社 岸本吉二商店(カブシキガイシャ キシモトキチジショウテン)
Bank Account:三菱UFJ銀行 塚口支店 当座 0000718
Account Name:株式会社 岸本吉二商店(カブシキガイシャ キシモトキチジショウテン)

About Shipping

Shipping by EMS or your choice of FedEx, DHL are available.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the delivery date.

About EMS >> https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/
About FedEx >> http://www.fedex.com/jp/
About DHL >> http://www.dhl.co.jp/ja.html
About Tenso Japan >> http://tensojapan.jshoppers.com/jp/

*We may not be able to ship to certain countries.